In the first on a series of postings, masonry is a non-competitive display of self, meant for no one but me. But here you are reading all of my thoughts almost as if you were within the inners of my dense skull.

this is meant to be a stream of consciousness style of writing so forgive me if I don’t give each topic equal prowess, as some are just more interesting to me in the heat of the moment.

I am in the process of planning a new project I call Cities.

This will be an ongoing development for the rest of the indeterminate life I have ahead of myself.

Cities is a collection, a grouping of style, personality and vibe of any given place. Every single place on Earth has it’s own sense of culture, whether these places are 5000 miles apart or 500 feet apart.

Our world is a hodgepodge of people, each with distinct backgrounds, coming together to make art. Art is anything and art is everything. Art is the barista making coffee, art is your neighbor planting tomatoes in their garden, art is all around us. Nature is art, and art influences nature. This constant osmotic movement continues to fascinate me.


Cities is my way of documenting the culture of a place           into something that everyone can understand, something           everyone can feel and connect to…but as I mention that        is not my intent, I don’t intend for          anyone to read this posting. MY INtENT is the portrayal of           my experience in the      most        authentic  and genuine way I can.

yOU might be angry as to why the formatting is off, YoU might be trying to invalidate my prowess through your initial first impression of me.  that was to get your attention, to make sure my point grabbed your attention. The deliberate capitalization and formatting was supposed to insight some sort of emotional response from you. Did it work?

     Moreover, I intend to travel after I graduate school and spend time going from place to place. I want to learn about other cultures and I want to be able to conceptualize how others are creating art right now.

The first town in the Cities project is my hometown of Saint Petersburg, Florida. This is a place I hold very dear to my heart. A small place where I know all the ins and outs. Yet, every time I come back after time away it’s like I fall in love all over again.

So much has happened here in the town where I have spent so much of my life, all of that will be in the music.

I will let the music speak for itself.

That’s really all you get right now, I don’t want to spoil it. Just rather I propose to you my plan that will probably have 10,000 different iterations by the next time we cross paths.  

I would like to pose a question to anyone reading this, perhaps. What is your favorite type of cereal?

You want to know mine? come back next time for the answer.